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4 Things To Look For When Hiring Carpet Cleaning Adelaide Company

Carpet Cleaning AdelaideA home or an office looks unfinished without a beautiful knitted rug or carpet. Proper maintenance of carpets and rugs is necessary to ensure that they stay hygienic and their original look is retained for a very long time. With the help of carpet cleaning Adelaide companies, your rug will look impeccably clean and stunning their whole life.  If you are planning to hire one, here are some of the things you can look for in a carpet cleaning service in Adelaide.


You need to make sure that that your hired cleaner is highly trained. Carpet cleaning companies train their cleaners to ensure that they only give the best service to home or business owners. They know what techniques to use to tackle different kinds of stain and they also use the best cleaning tools to ensure that your rug looks and feels clean


Although, price should never be the main reason for choosing a carpet cleaning company, it is good to know how much a carpet cleaner charges for his or her service and how they par with their competitors. Also, is important to know that carpet-cleaning services are not created equal. Some charge per hour, others charge differently especially if the carpet needs special care like stain removal. Find a carpet cleaning service that fits your needs and budget.

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Carpet Cleaning Method

Find a carpet cleaning services in Adelaide that understand the various carpet cleaning methods. They should understand soil suspension or the proper treatment to tackle soils in fabric fibers; they should also be well versed with soil extraction, carpet grooming and the proper techniques of vacuuming.

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Positive Referrals

Find a carpet cleaner with a good reputation. You can seek referrals from your friends; colleagues or you can search the Internet. Good cleaning companies value their customers and they make every experience a positive one.

Hopefully, these tips can help you choose the best carpet cleaner in Adelaide.

Cleaning the carpet yourself may be difficult especially if you are not trained to do so. You may also aggravate the stain if the technique you applied is not correct. Hiring carpet cleaning Adelaide services like Adelaide City Cleaners is a great investment as you save time cleaning and you don’t have to lift a finger to remove those stubborn carpet stains.

Effective And Easy Ways On How To Clean Tile Grout

tile and grout cleaningTile floors with grout may still look cluttered even after mopping. Cleaning grouts could be a challenge but it’s worth it. There are a lot cleaning methods to make your tile floors like they are newly installed. Here are a few tips on how to clean tile grout and make it look pristine with minimal effort.


Tip No. 1 How To Clean Tile Grout: Hydrogen Peroxide And Baking Soda

Hydrogen peroxide and baking soda can also be very effective in cleaning dirty tile grout. Simply combine baking soda and hydrogen peroxide until you form a paste. Spread the mixture into the soiled grout and let it sit for a couple of minutes. Use a clean sponge to scrub and remove the dirt.

Tip No. 2 How To Clean Tile Grout: Baking Soda And Bleach

In a bowl, mix together baking soda and until you see a thick paste forming. Smear the paste to the soiled grout. Don’t rinse yet, let the mixture sit for five to ten minutes. Get an old toothbrush and scrub the area, then rinse the area with water or you can wipe it with a clean rag.

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Tip No. 3 How To Clean Tile Grout: Vinegar, Baking Soda, Ammonia And Water

Another way to clean a dirty grout is to mix vinegar, baking soda, ammonia and water in a spray bottle. Spray the mixture to the grout and let it sit for an hour. Use the scouring side of the sponge to wipe away the dirt.

How To Clean Tile Grout

These are just some of the most effective ways on how to clean tile grout. Follow these tips and you will have a clean tile grout in no time. If you are still having a difficult time removing stubborn stains on your tile, you can always contact a reputable house cleaner to help you.


4 Qualities Of An Outstanding End Of Tenancy Cleaning Company

End Of Lease CleaningAre you about to move out of your rental apartment or home? Do you want to get your full deposit or bond back from your landlord? Then, you need to hire an outstanding cleaning company that will take care of all your end of tenancy cleaning troubles. Hire a professional cleaning company will ensure that your rental place passes the clearance check of your landlord and that you will get your bond back in full. Here are some of the qualities you need to look for in a professional bond cleaning company:

High Level Of Standard And Professionalism

Since there are many cleaning companies out there, you need to be careful in selecting the best cleaner to hire. Don’t be sold easily because of discounted prices or cheap professional fees and end up with a slack and incompetent clean up. Go for a professional cleaner who has underwent cleaning training and seminars. You deserve to get the best out of your money, so don’t settle for anything less.

Meeting Deadline

A professional end of lease cleaning company should understand that time is very valuable and that they should meet your schedule and expectancy of cleaning. If it is impossible to meet the deadline, the cleaner should inform you right away and should not give you false hope and expectations.


A good cleaning company is not just measured on how well a job is executed but also how they value your trust. A trustworthy cleaner should remain discrete and will avoid gossip to fellow cleaners especially when it comes to your personal information like phone number or street address. A professional cleaner should uphold the your personal security at all times.

End of Lease Cleaning in Adelaide

Free Re-Cleaning

An outstanding cleaning company will ensure that the job is done right the first time. If you are not satisfied with the cleaning, you can report the incident to the cleaning company and they should be responsible for the re-cleaning. If the cleaning company aims to make you one satisfied customer, there should be no extra charge for the re-cleaning.

If you seriously want to get your full bond back, these are the qualities you need to look for in a professional cleaning company. Just like Adelaide City Cleaners – we have a network of cleaners, highly trained professionals and have years of experience in getting back bonds to our customers. Tell us your requirements, preferences and budget and we can customize a package around you, allowing you to focus on your moving and not the cleaning.

3 Myths About Hiring Professional Carpet Cleaning Adelaide

Myths About Carpet Cleaning in AdelaideThinking of hiring professional carpet cleaning Adelaide based for home or office services? Some people have been put off hiring professional cleaners because of myths, hearsays or misconceptions about the service. These fallacies are actually forcing them to miss out on the full potential of their carpet, which can be achieved by hiring professional cleaners. Adelaide City Cleaners would like to clear out some misconceptions about carpet cleaning so that things you hear from others about carpet cleaning would no longer mislead you.

Carpet Cleaning Can Shrink, Split The Seams, Or Otherwise Ruin The Carpet

Carpet damage can result when the cleaner leaves the carpet extremely wet. A professional carpet cleaner understands this concept. For an expert, it is clear that removal of excess water is a basic in the process of hot-water extraction cleaning. Professional carpet cleaners also use modern hot water extraction equipment, which is designed to remove all excess moisture and leave only what the carpet fiber will absorb. A professional carpet cleaning company will properly use this cleaning process, which only penetrates to the base of the carpet fiber, and does not infiltrate the carpet backing (either primary or secondary), pad, or the floor at the bottom.

Don’t Rush To Have Your Carpet Cleaned The First Time, Once It Is Cleaned It Will Never Look The Same Again

Again, this is so untrue. You don’t want to wait for long to have your carpet cleaned by professional as there may be damage already in the carpet fibers that you are not aware of. You want to have your carpet treated and maintained well regularly. Perhaps, the reason thinks that professional cleaners can damage the carpet can be attributed to cleaners who leave the carpet either too wet, full of residue, or both. Professional carpet cleaners know that leaving the carpet too wet will only suspend the soils.

Professional Carpet Cleaning in Adelaide

You Don't Need Professional Carpet Cleaning, Just Buy Your Own Machine

Buying your own carpet cleaning machine is not bad. However, not knowing what type of machine to use or how to use the machine can damage the carpet permanently. Understand that some of these machines can put a lot of water into the carpet. The carpet takes days to dry, leaving it open to mold, mildew, and premature breakdown of the backing.

Have you heard any of these negative myths about professional carpet cleaning? If you have, you should ignore them. Be at ease and trust only the professionals, they will leave your carpet clean and fresh every time.

Renter’s Guide To End Of Lease House Cleaning Adelaide Area

Bond Cleaning in AdelaideAre you moving out of your old apartment or home? Have you thought about how you can get your full bond back? To get the full bond money back, landlords or lessors would conduct a thorough inspection of the property and see if the apartment or home has been completely cleaned and taken good care of by the renters. Since the bond money is equivalent to a full month’s rent and it is a large sum that you can do much with, needless to say, it is worth cleaning for!

Why Hire End Of Lease House Cleaning Adelaide Professionals?

You may think that you can handle the cleaning yourself, but never undervalue the hard work required in an end of lease cleaning. This is not your typical household cleaning like washing the dishes or mopping the floor. It also deals with fixtures and appliances that have never been cleaned.

Moreover, end of lease cleaning companies in Adelaide have highly efficient, comprehensively trained and experienced staff and they can guarantee you the best cleaning possible so that you can be sure that you get your bond back in full. A professional end of lease clean allows you to focus on your transition to a new home without being hauled back to clean your old one.

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How Much Does End Of Lease Cleaning Cost in Adelaide?

There are many cleaning companies in Adelaide that offer end of lease cleaning services. Some companies offer a per hour service, with the average hourly rate around the $25 to $30 mark. Adelaide City Cleaners offer a free quote for end of lease cleaning. You can tell the staff your individual requirements, preferences and budget and the company can tailor a package around you, allowing you to concentrate more on your new home.

End of lease cleaning could be really challenging experience. Without fulfilling your end of contract duties, you cannot get your full bond back. When it comes to moving out cleaning, basic cleaning is often not enough. On the other hand, you can always hire professional end of lease cleaners who have the necessary skills and the right cleaning materials to do the job, right the first time.

5 Household Cleaning Tips For A Fresh and Spotlessly Clean Home

Housekeeping in AdelaideMost people find cleaning tedious and difficult. But, you need to clean your house regularly if you want to have a fresh smelling and clean home. Commonly, a major cleaning session is time consuming and stressful. Adelaide City Cleaners share these household cleaning tips to make your job much easier and more efficient.

Use A Household Cleaning Checklist

To save time cleaning, you need to prioritize and schedule all your cleaning tasks for the day. This will also help you stay on track on what you are doing. Basically, you "check off" those tasks you have finished. Setting goals helps you to keep a constant focus and get what you want to get done, without becoming distracted.

Cleaning Checklist

Reduce Cleaning Distractions

When it's time to clean, it's time to clean. Don’t let distractions hinder you from achieving your cleaning goals. If you can turn off your cell phones, televisions, or anything that can disturb you, do it. Take note that the more you become distracted the longer it will take you to get the job done.

Listen To Your Favorite Music

Cleaning doesn’t have to be boring. To get your groove on while cleaning, you can play your favorite tune on your CD Player or stereo system. You can dance while you are sweeping the floor or vacuuming. You can also sing while you are scrubbing your kitchen tiles and cleaning the sink.

Prepare Your Cleaning Supplies

Make sure that all your cleaning supplies are ready. To save time going back and forth, organize your cleaning supplies in the bathroom closet or under your kitchen sink. Make sure that they are properly labeled. You can also have a carry-on bin or a pail to put all your supplies if you are cleaning different parts of the house.

Ask for Assistance

If you have people living in the house with you, it doesn’t hurt to ask a little help. If you have a cleaning partner you can cut down cleaning time. You can also ask kids to help you. Assign tasks appropriate for their age and capabilities. For more specialized cleaning, you can also call your friendly carpet cleaner to help you, especially if you don’t have the time to clean or if there is a stain you can’t eradicate.

Cut down the stress with these house cleaning tips. These tips can also help you achieve a more organized home.

Chores For Kids – 4 Ways To Motivate Kids To Do Chores

Kids CleaningDo you let your children help around the house? You should. According to parenting experts, children who do household chores become better team players, co-workers, and ultimately life partners. Moreover, chores for kids can help raise a confident and responsible child. As a parent, you should think of ways on how to motivate your child to do chores. Adelaide City Cleaners listed four creative ways on how to encourage your child to help at home:

Assign Age-Appropriate Chores

Every child matures at a different pace. You should assign a chore that is appropriate to your child’s age, capabilities and level of maturity. An age-appropriate chore chart can guide you on what things your child can and can’t do. For example, a toddler can help pick up toys and put it in a box, while a preschooler can help make the bed and clean off table. Be sure to assign an appropriate task for your kids.

Make It Fun

Doing chores doesn’t have to bore your kids out. You can also think of ways on how to make it exciting and fun. Turn on your child’s favorite music and you and your child can dance while tidying up the room. You can also try pretend-play. Act as if you are the chef and your child as the assistant. Give your child a list of things that he or she can do like keeping the kitchen counter clean and putting back the things in order.

Give Sincere Praise

Children love to receive praise and recognition from their parents. Remember when you praise your child; it needs to be genuine and sincere. Try to focus on your child's effort and hard work, not necessarily the outcome. For example, you can praise and give your child a hug when she helped her sibling to tidy up the room or when she picked up her toys.


Use Reward Charts

Encourage your child to help at home by creating colorful reward charts that show a star or smiley face when each task has been completed. Be creative. You can make a weekly schedule and each day they completed a certain task, you can assign a star and at the end of the week, you can give them a reward like a trip to the playground or to their favorite ice cream parlor.

Even kids as young as two can do simple chores at home. Use the tips mentioned above on how to motivate your child to help around the house. Don’t be too strict, make cleaning and doing chores a fun and memorable experience for your child.

You’ve Been Cleaning Your Oven Wrong: Easy Oven Cleaning Tips

my-own-oven-1424750-640x480When was the last time you gave your oven a deep clean? It is important that you clean your oven regularly to ensure that the food you are serving is always fresh. Moreover, grease and grime can collect inside the oven. If you don't usually clean your oven, grease and grime can come in contact with your food. To get you started, Adelaide City Cleaners have listed some of the most effective oven cleaning tips to help you:

Oven Cleaning Tips No. 1: Remove The Racks

To clean the most inner part of your oven, you need to remove all those parts that are blocking your way. Remove everything from oven racks to the pizza stone and oven thermometer. Set them aside.

Oven Cleaning Tips No. 2: Use Natural Ingredients

Baking soda is a powerful natural cleanser. It works effectively in removing grimes and grease in an oven. To create the baking soda paste, get a small bowl and mix together half cup of baking soda and a few tablespoon of water. Estimate the water, add just enough to make a paste. Not too much because it will become watery.

Oven Cleaning Tips No. 3: Spread The Paste All Over

The baking soda mixture should be coated all over the interior of your oven. Just don't include the heating elements. You can use gloves to protect your hands from the grime.

Oven Cleaning Tips No. 4: Don't Rinse It Yet

Allow the baking soda to work its wonders. Let it sit overnight, minimum of 12 hours.

Cleaning Equipment

Oven Cleaning Tips No. 5: Clean Out The Oven Racks

Get a nice big container where you can immerse the racks. Cover the racks with hot water. Add your favourite dish detergent and let it soak for about 4 hours. Get an old toothbrush or a non abrasive scrub to brush off any remaining residue. Rinse with water.

Oven Cleaning Tips No. 5: Wipe The Oven

After 12 hours, you can wipe out the oven with a damp dish cloth. You can also use a plastic or silicone spatula to get rid of the remaining paste.

Oven Cleaning Tips No. 6: Spray The Oven With Vinegar

Baking soda when mixed with vinegar makes an excellent cleaning agent. When you spray the oven with vinegar, the baking soda will react and will create a foamy substance. Wait until the foam subsides and then do your final wipe down. Use a damp cloth to clean or you can add more vinegar to your cloth to remove remaining residue.

Oven Cleaning Tips No. 7: Replace The Racks

After wiping the oven clean, you can now replace the racks and other components of the oven. And you’re finished!

That is how you can easily clean your oven. Hope these tips help!

How To Clean Blinds In Four Easy Ways

blinds-1188221-639x426Do you have window blinds at home? Blinds are not just cool decorative pieces, they are also effective window coverings. They help block the outside light and grant privacy to homeowners. The question is, how do you keep them clean? If you are like many people who doesn’t like to clean blinds because dust just seems to fly everywhere and settle right back in the same spot, Adelaide City Cleaners listed these simple and effective ways on how to clean blinds.

Use Feather Duster

Thin layer of dust that collect on your blinds can be easily cleaned using a feather duster. Simply open the blinds and run the feather duster between each slat and you are good to go. But with so many feather dusters available how do you choose the best one? Remember, the most effective feather dusters come from ostrich. Only the down feathers of the ostrich trap dirt. So the next time you buy a duster make sure that it is made using ostrich feather.

Use Old Socks

Yes, don’t just throw away old socks. You can still put your old socks to good use. To clean your dirty blinds, prepare your mixture first using vinegar and water. Slip an old sock on your hand and dip your hand into the mixture. Wipe the slat on the blinds. After a couple of slats, dip your hand again into the cleaner and squeeze it a bit to rinse off the dirt.

Use Microfibre Cloth

The microfibre cloth is perfect for cleaning blinds. Dip your cloth in a vinegar and water mixture and wipe the blinds gently while holding the bottom rail. Turn them the other way and clean the other side. The vinegar will get rid of the grease and grime, and your blinds will look better than before!


Use Vacuum

For heavier dust, clean your blinds using the small brush attachment of a vacuum cleaner. Go over the blinds, working in the direction of the slats. Another tip when using the vacuum is to use the lightest setting of the suction to avoid twisting or warping the slats.

Clean your blinds regularly as dust attracts dirt, which leads to discolouration. Use these techniques to get rid of dust on your blinds. For heavily soiled blinds, you can also hire cleaning service providers to do the job. They are highly skilled and with their years of cleaning experience your satisfaction is their number one goal.