Where Flawless Cleaning Knocks To Your Door


When you spend all your time cleaning and attending to the needs of your children, finding time or energy for other activities like family outings and date nights can be difficult. That’s why we are here. We, at Adelaide City Cleaners provide housekeeping services so you have more time to enjoy life more and clean less! Our services include but are not limited to house cleaning, upholstery cleaning, garden maintenance.

Lose The Mop And We'll Clean The Slop

When you hire us, you can come home to a clean and fresh house. We make sure that we make your cabinets gleam and your counters shine. The carpets all cleaned and vacuumed. The bathrooms are fresh and disinfected. No dust and cobwebs to be seen on all four corners of the room. If you want to come home to a clean house, call us and we can offer you the best housekeeping packages that best suit your needs!

Let Us Simplify Your Life

At Adelaide City Cleaners’ our goal is to simplify your life by saving you valuable time and energy in the most environmentally responsible manner. By taking cleaning off your “to do” list, you have more quality time for your family and friends!


Below you will find a detailed list of our services, grouped by area:

    • Clean and sanitise fridge interior/exterior
    • Clean and sanitise microwave interior/exterior
    • Clean appliance exteriors
    • Clean range hood
    • Scrub sinks around facet and drain area
    • Clean oven interior and exterior
    • Clean taps
    • Clean splashbacks
    • Clean stovetop
    • Clean and sanitise bench tops
    • Clean interior/exterior of cupboards (3 metres high)

    • Dust surfaces
    • Dust skirting boards
    • Dust window sills and tracks – 3 metres high
    • Polishing
    • Clean door trimmings and handles
    • Vacuum carpets
    • Mop all surface types (vinyl, tiles, wooden flooring)
    • Interior cobwebs removed - 3 metres high
    • Clean interior windows only - 3 metres high

    • Disinfect the toilet
    • Sanitise the basin
    • Clean sink and taps
    • Clean mirrors with a streak free solution
    • Clean splash backs and vanity surfaces
    • Clean cupboard interior/exterior
    • Clean bath or shower unit to remove grime

    • Clean cupboard interior
    • Clean cupboard exterior
    • Clean mirrors

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